Imagine the transformation that would occur if your soul-led business had a brand that truly embodied the essence of who you are.

Can you envision the positive changes it would bring to your life?

How would it impact your confidence to step into the spotlight and share your unique gifts and talents with the world?

 Imagine this: You’re out in nature or finishing up something for your business that brings you joy, and in the meantime, your designer is skillfully putting together your book covers, layouts, deck designs, collages, and illustrations, etc., tending to every little detail of your project. Receiving their emails with mockups is a thrill, seeing your vision come to life visually is even better than you imagined. Fueled by the shared excitement of birthing something meaningful together. This soul-aligned collaboration fuels your passion, sparking even more creativity and productivity in what you truly love doing.

You’ve got better things to do than waste time playing around in Photoshop or Canva just to end up frustrated and pulled out of your vortex.

How much energy, time and head space would it free up if you could just get this not-so-aligned-with-your-gifts task off your plate and trust the universe to lead you to the right person to take the reins so you can create from your sweet spot while they do the same? Two witches in our flow state supporting each other are more powerful than one, just sayin.

I’m happy to be the one you trust to solve these problems for you and deliver exactly what your soul is longing for to finally be seen and heard on a deeper level.

Awaken your essence-infused brand with Jennifer Ann, your personal design weaving seer.

Awaken your essence-infused brand with Jennifer Ann, your personal design weaving witch.

Soulful Brand Express Assess:

Are you frustrated by the lack of cohesiveness in your brand and the disconnect between your visual identity and the essence of what you offer?

Do you find yourself struggling to attract your ideal clients, unsure of what’s missing?

Do you sense confusion among your customers about your offerings, leaving them overwhelmed when they visit your website?

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a brand that stands out! We’ll discover the hidden magic within your brand with this custom assessment. 

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Soulful Connection Session: A 20-minute Zoom conversation to understand your business goals, ideal clients, aspirations, and brand essence. Lay the foundation for a unique and embodied brand.

Alignment of Light: Intuitive assessment of your brand identity, including symbols, colors, typography, and visual storytelling. Create harmony and resonance with your ideal clients.

Energetic Vibrations: Attuning to your brand’s messaging across platforms like your website and social media. Fine-tune your messaging for an authentic and captivating connection with your audience.

Sacred Soul Alignment: Gain clarity on your ideal clients’ needs and desires. Align your brand to create a harmonious connection that attracts soul-aligned clients.

Luminary Presence: Review of your website and social media expressions to reflect your brand’s essence. Receive guidance on improving your online presence for attracting soul-aligned clients.

Sacred Insights: Uncover transformative recommendations and actionable steps during our brand exploration. Get a guided video review of your brand’s visual aspects to improve and align for maximum impact.

Investment $111

Ready to get started?

Check out and fill out my questionnaire so I can get all the details to prep and feel out the energy. After I receive your submission I will send a link to my calendar so we can schedule our zoom call!

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Custom Logo:

Is your logo a bit scattered, pieced together, or DIY? Let’s align your vision and craft a bespoke logo from scratch. This porfessional design will instill confidence and forge an immediate emotional connection with your clients, leaving a lasting impression that makes your business easily recognizable and memorable.

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  • Custom Logo with 6 different mockups
  • 3 rounds of revisions on chosen logo
  • All designs are infused with Reiki and encoded with sacred geometry

Investment $555

Pay-in-full discount $444   |   Payment Plans also Available

Ready to get started?

Fill out my questionnaire so I can get all the details to prep and feel out the energy. After I receive your submission I will send a link to my calendar so we can schedule a free visioning call!

Take the questionnaire

For options on illustration, book/journal covers, layout, and deck design, simply navigate to the menu and select your desired category.

To ensure we are in right alignment with each other and give us both an amazing experience working together, I very intuitively take on clients that I feel are a right fit for what I offer.

 I believe we’d work really well together if

  • You value and resonate with my spiritual and intuitive approach: If my spiritual perspective, combined with my intuitive understanding of your needs, aligns with your own beliefs and desires, we will be in harmony throughout the creative process.
  • As a spiritually conscious woman, you embody various roles such as a healer, spiritual mentor, teacher, speaker, astrologist, tarot reader, and herbalist. You find great joy in engaging in co-collaboration with other women within a supportive and respectful environment.
  • You appreciate the beauty found in the intricate details and believe that a brand should be filled with unique personality and charm. Minimalism is not your cup of tea; you delight in a brand that is abundant and expressive.
  • You are ready to take action and make things happen. Your copy and content are already complete, and you are eager to move forward with creating your visual brand, yet you recognize the significance of maintaining work-life balance and embracing the natural flow of the creative process.

  • You possess a level of trust and willingness to surrender, allowing me to craft a visual brand that truly represents your authentic self and soul vision. You understand that this is my expertise and purpose—to bring your vision to life in a way that deeply resonates with you.

Does this feel like a right fit?

Project Gallery

Visit my instagram for my latest projects and a full gallery of my creative work in real time.

Not quite ready for a custom project? No problem!

Explore my curated collection of exclusive premade designs, featuring illustrated book covers, banners, branding kits, and logos.

Our designs are specifically crafted for spiritual entrepreneurs, retail shops, herbal health and wellness practitioners, soulpreneurs, healers, mystics, coaches, and light workers. We hold firm in the belief that premade products deserve the same level of exclusivity as custom creations. Every design is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.