Have you found yourself immersed in dreams of bringing forth your very own oracle, affirmation, or inspirational deck?

Does your heart overflow with inspired messages, ready to be shared with the world, but you yearn for the mystical artistry that will truly bring your vision to life?

  • Your deck project is a labor of love, fueled by your deep passion and crafted with intention. However, there is still a missing piece to fulfill the visual aspect, and you yearn for an artist who not only understands your vision but resonates with your energy.

  • In this collaboration, you seek someone you can effortlessly connect with, communicating your ideas and inspirations with ease. You long for an intuitive soul who can see beyond words, capturing the essence of your vision and infusing it with artistic brilliance.

    Awaken your essence-infused Oracle Deck with Jennifer Ann, your personal oracle artist and seer.

    Unearth Your Creative Magic:

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    Within each of us resides a purpose, a unique calling that beckons us to fulfill our true potential.

     Imagine the profound impact we can create when our individual gifts intertwine, weaving a tapestry of guidance, support, and inspiration for our community. Together, we have the power to ignite heart-opening awakenings, sparking transformative journeys that ripple outwards, touching lives and lighting the way for others.

    To ensure we are in right alignment with each other and give us both an amazing stress-free experience working together, I very intuitively take on clients that I feel are a right fit for what I offer.

     I think we’d work really well together if

    • You deeply resonate with my spiritual and intuitive approach: If my spiritual perspective, combined with my intuitive understanding of your needs, aligns with your own beliefs and desires, we will create in harmony throughout the creative process.

    • As a spiritually conscious woman, you embody multiple roles such as a healer, spiritual mentor, teacher, speaker, astrologist, tarot reader, and herbalist. Engaging in co-collaboration with like-minded women within a supportive and respectful environment brings you immense joy and fulfillment.

    • You have a profound appreciation for the beauty found in intricate details and love decks that radiate with unique personality and charm. Minimalism does not captivate your spirit; you desire a deck that overflows with abundance and expressiveness.

    • You are poised to take inspired action and manifest your vision into reality. With your copy and content already underway and mostly complete, you are eager to embark on the journey of creating your deck. There is no room for hesitation or indecision as you wholeheartedly embrace the transformative power of bringing your deck to life. However, you also respect the natural ebb and flow of the creative process and acknowledge the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

    • You possess a deep level of trust and a willingness to surrender, allowing me to craft a deck that magnificently embodies your soul’s vision. Recognizing that this is my expertise and purpose, you place your unwavering faith in me to bring forth a deck that resonates with the very core of your being.


    “Working with Jennifer on my oracle deck has produced artwork that is even better than anything I could have dreamed of. While in the creative process, she tapped into a collective matrix where the energy of my cards exists. She downloaded the same energy for each card that I had also felt when writing each card description. She was able to translate that to a tangible, visible form. Every time I opened up emails from her with new art, my soul recognized it immediately. On the practical side, she was always open to my suggestions and ideas as well. I highly recommend working with Jennifer on your next deck project!” 


    The Inner Compass Oracle

    Custom Oracle Deck Package:

    Basic details Included:

    • Custom amount of high res card designs based on our project details (with 2 rounds of revisions for each card)
    • Cover Design
    • Box design
    • Custom Font Scheme / Custom Color Palette
    • Booklet design and layout
    • 5 social media graphics for marketing
    • Sales page design and development for promoting the deck 
    • Professional images taken of your printed deck for marketing purposes
    • All designs are infused with Reiki and encoded with non-visible sacred geometry


    Investment depends on the amount of cards, detail of designs, and commercial licensing options.  We offer pay-in-full discounts and Payment Plans.

    Projects vary between $3k – $15k

    Get in touch so we can discuss your unique project!

    Are you yearning for a soulful, all-encompassing package that weaves together the artistry of design, the magic of publishing, and the tangible beauty of printing?

    Ready to surrender the burden and immerse yourself in a transformative journey where every aspect is taken care of, allowing your vision to unfurl effortlessly?

    Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

    To attune to the energy of your project, kindly fill out my questionnaire.

    Once I receive your submission, I will send you a link to my calendar, where we can schedule a complimentary visioning call. This call will allow us to dive deeper into your aspirations, align our energies, and lay the foundation for bringing your unique deck to life.

    What to Expect:

    Our journey begins with an inspiring Pinterest board, where you’ll curate a collection of your ideas for colors, design styles, themes, photos, fonts, and more. This serves as a beautiful starting point to explore our compatibility in terms of style and vision.

    Next, we’ll arrange a Zoom call, allowing us to connect and delve into the intricate details of your project. It’s a chance to greet one another, establish a rapport, and ignite the spark of collaboration. During this meeting, we’ll brainstorm ideas, ensuring that our creative energies harmonize seamlessly.

    Once we’ve established our synergy, we move forward with the administrative essentials. You’ll receive a personalized quote, a comprehensive contract, and an initial invoice, ensuring clarity and transparency every step of the way. Once these essentials are taken care of, we can dive headfirst into the phase of creation! Yay! Together, we’ll embark on a journey filled with excitement and inspiration.

    To ensure a seamless collaborative experience, I will provide the designs to you in bundles of 3-4, allowing us to review and refine them together. Throughout the entire process, we will maintain clear and open communication, checking in with each other to ensure that every detail aligns with your vision.

    In addition to our regular communication channels, such as email and Zoom calls, I offer the convenience of WhatsApp. We can stay connected through chat and even share voice notes, fostering a deeper connection and ensuring efficient communication.

    Once we have finalized all the designs, I will turn my attention to creating the deck cover, booklet, and box design, ensuring a cohesive presentation. The final designs you receive will be in a non-editable format, ready to be used for marketing purposes and to be sent to the printer. Drawing from my experience as a former magazine art director, I am well-versed in working closely with print companies. If needed, I can assist in communicating with your printer, ensuring a smooth and successful printing process.

    As an additional bonus, I always take professional images of the decks I create for my own marketing purposes. You will have the privilege of receiving these high-quality images as well, allowing you to showcase your deck beautifully in your own marketing materials.

    Clear communication, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence are the pillars of my approach. Together, we will create not only stunning designs but also a delightful and fulfilling journey.

    “After attempting to create my own designs for my deck…what I envisioned wasn’t looking the way I wanted. I knew that I needed support in bringing this deck to life. After searching all over I found Jennifer. When we had our first call I knew she was the dream designer I wanted to create my new deck. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t have a lot of money saved up but I’m so happy I said yes. I wanted this deck to be something people take with them everywhere. I found designers for cheaper, but the quality wasn’t comparable. When she first sent me the designs for my deck I could not stop smiling. She brought this deck to life and way over exceeded my expectations. She is the most talented designer so I then hired her for everything. From my branding to my book illustrations. Jennifer is worth every penny and more. She has a special eye for detail and a talent that is out of this world. Seeing this deck comes to life lit a fire in me of inspiration that flowed into my business.  I highly recommend working with Jennifer.” 


    The Fearless Sunflower Affirmation Deck

    Are you ready love?

    To attune to the energy of your project, kindly fill out my questionnaire.

    Once I receive your submission, I will send you a link to my calendar, where we can schedule a complimentary visioning call. This call will allow us to dive deeper into your aspirations, align our energies, and lay the foundation for bringing your unique deck to life.