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I specialize in the realm of mystical artistry, specifically tailored for spiritual entrepreneurs like yourself.

My purpose is to help you embody your true essence through a range of creative mediums, including sacred branding, oracle design, and both digital and print illustration.

I infuse healing activations into my art, serving as a channel for inspiration from the divine feminine.

Beyond art, I offer remote healing sessions that combine Reiki, ThetaHealing, ancestral healing, and intuitive metaphysical techniques. My aim is to support your holistic well-being, tending to your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Recognizing the profound link between personal and professional aspects, I understand that your business is a reflection of your inner self. As your vibration and energy undergo shifts, so too will your brand. Together, we embark on a journey of growth and evolution, ensuring that your business aligns harmoniously with your personal transformation.

Let’s Create Together

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I can weave mystical artistry into your oracle or affirmations deck that represents the project vision and are full of gentle energy activations


Awaken an essence-infused brand that allows you to be confident and create an immediate emotional connection with your ideal clients


Custom Illustrations and mixed media collages for your brand, website, book, or product packaging


Shop the premade boutique for one of a kind and affordable premade logos and branding kits


Transcend into higher vibrations of alignment with my free sound healing transmissions infused with healing energy