I know you want to be seen for your authentic self.

You want to feel SO confident in your business and what you are putting out there.

You’ve put your whole heart into what your offering and you want that to be seen and heard.

You want to inspire people with your vision and soul gifts.

You want to magnetize your soul-aligned dream clients.

When you are aligned with passion and positive intention, it radiates and inspires.

Your business has an energetic vibration and it deserves to be seen and is craving to give your soul tribe all the feels.

 I’m Jennifer Ann. I call Asheville, North Carolina home and I’m obsessed with living a natural lifestyle, nature, and all things awakening to the soul.

One way that I live my soul purpose is through expression of the divine feminine with art and design. I aim to serve others by helping them express their authentic essence in ways that are completely unique to them and their soul gifts.

I help clients bringing their heart and soul vision to life through their branded projects whether it be overhauling their brand, drawing custom illustrations, or designing their oracle cards.

No matter what I’m creating, I put my all into creating deeply heart-felt visuals for entrepreneurs like you, so you can rest assured your brand is embodying your essence fully.

By expressing my soul purpose artistically, you can relax and focus on expressing your own soul gifts knowing that this sister has your back. I feel that it is a true honor to be trusted with your business baby, your time, your money, and your sacred energy. #womensupportingwomen

To ensure we are in right alignment with each other and give us both an amazing experience working together, I very intuitively take on clients that I feel are a right fit for what I offer.

 I think we’d work really well together if

  • You’re a spiritually conscious gal (including but not limited to: healer, spiritual mentor/teacher/speaker, astrologist, tarot reader, herbalist)
  • You LOVE co-collaborating with other women in a supportive container.
  • You’re not a minimalist. You love the little details and a brand that is FULL of unique personality.
  • You are ready-to-roll (your copy and content are finished – you’re not mucking around!)
  • You’re happy to let go and trust me to create a visual brand that represents YOU and your soul vision, after all, that’s what I’m here for!

Does this feel like a right fit?


  • INFJ
  • Scorpio Sun, Sag Moon, Aquarius Rising
  • Asheville North Carolina is home
  • Deeply Spiritual
  • Energy Healer
  • Astrology Nerd
  • Generator in Human Design
  • Law of Attraction Enthusiast
  • Nature Hippy
  • Arts and Crafts Expert
  • Malamute Mom
  • Avid Green Thumber

I’ve had many creative pursuits in my life, but honestly, design has always been my true love. It’s something that comes naturally to me, intuitively, and I love doing. It’s no wonder because creativity is the center of my soul blueprint.

But how did I get here? Well, truth be told I’ve been at the helm of some form of creative business for most of my adult life (Okay, there was that one time I took a foray into massage school (I do love wellness!) but after finishing, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to pursue as a full-time practice.) Since then, I’ve been a professional painter (the artist kind, not the house kind), an art director for a lifestyle magazine, and a portrait photographer before exploring freelance design through Etsy, way back when it was just starting. I then moved over to Creative Market and finally, launched Coral Antler in 2015.

Since experiencing my spiritual awakening in 2017, my work has subtly shifted to focus on weaving spiritually and mysticism into artistry. I have become inspired to expand consciousness through the visuals I create. Since then, I’ve been in and out of a deep cocoon of healing and developing my natural healing abilities.

Today, I’ve been self employed for over 9 years – and I love nothing more than holistically helping others evolve in their brand and making their human experience lighter and brighter!

Ready to align your brand with your soul purpose?