I understand your desire to be recognized and valued for your true, authentic self as a spiritual entrepreneur.

You want to feel SO confident in your business and what you are putting out there.

You’ve put your whole heart into what your offering and you want that to be seen and heard.

You want to inspire people with your vision and soul gifts.

You want to magnetize your soul-aligned dream clients.

When you are aligned with passion and positive intention, it radiates and inspires.

Your business has an energetic vibration and it deserves to be seen and is craving to give your soul tribe all the feels.

 I’m Jennifer Ann. I call Asheville, North Carolina home and I’m obsessed with living a natural lifestyle, nature, and all things awakening to the soul.

Living my soul purpose involves channeling the divine feminine through art and design. My intention is to support others in embracing their true selves and revealing their authentic essence. I believe that each individual possesses unique soul gifts, and I am dedicated to assisting them in finding visual ways to express those gifts.

My mission is to help clients manifest their heartfelt visions through various branded projects. Whether it involves redefining their brand, crafting custom illustrations, or designing oracle cards, I pour my heart and soul into every creation.

No matter what I’m creating, I put my all into creating deeply heart-felt visuals for entrepreneurs like you, so you can rest assured your brand is embodying your essence fully.

By expressing my soul purpose artistically, you can relax and focus on expressing your own soul gifts knowing that this sister has your back. I feel that it is a true honor to be entrusted with your business, your time, your money, and the sacred energy you invest.

To ensure we are in right alignment with each other and give us both an amazing experience working together, I very intuitively take on clients that I feel are a right fit for what I offer.

 I believe we’d work really well together if

  • You value and resonate with my spiritual and intuitive approach: If my spiritual perspective, combined with my intuitive understanding of your needs, aligns with your own beliefs and desires, we will be in harmony throughout the creative process.
  • As a spiritually conscious woman, you embody various roles such as a healer, spiritual mentor, teacher, speaker, astrologist, tarot reader, and herbalist. You find great joy in engaging in co-collaboration with other women within a supportive and respectful environment.
  • You appreciate the beauty found in the intricate details and believe that a brand should be filled with unique personality and charm. Minimalism is not your cup of tea; you delight in a brand that is abundant and expressive.
  • You are ready to take action and make things happen. Your copy and content are already complete, and you are eager to move forward with creating your visual brand, yet you recognize the significance of maintaining work-life balance and embracing the natural flow of the creative process.

  • You possess a level of trust and willingness to surrender, allowing me to design something that truly represents your authentic self and soul vision. You understand that this is my expertise and purpose—to bring your vision to life in a way that deeply resonates with you.

Does this feel like a right fit?


  • INFJ
  • Scorpio Sun, Sag Moon, Aquarius Rising
  • Asheville North Carolina is home
  • Deeply Spiritual
  • Energy Healer
  • Astrology Nerd
  • Generator in Human Design
  • Law of Attraction Enthusiast
  • Nature Hippy
  • Glue Gun Ninja and Sewing Machine Sensei
  • Malamute Mom
  • Avid Green Thumber

Creativity has always been an intrinsic force driving my life, flowing effortlessly and guided by my intuition. However, it is within the realm of design that my heart truly finds its home, as it aligns with the essence of my soul’s blueprint.

My journey to this point has been marked by a continuous exploration of creative pursuits. While I briefly delved into massage school, prioritizing wellness, I soon realized it wasn’t my ultimate calling. Throughout my adult life, I have led various creative businesses, traversing diverse artistic paths. I have immersed myself in professional painting, serving as an art director for a lifestyle magazine, capturing portraits as a photographer, and even working as a graphic designer for a publishing company.

As I started my freelance design journey, with early endeavors on Etsy and later transitioning to Creative Market, a pivotal moment arrived in 2018 when I underwent a profound spiritual awakening. This transformative experience triggered a subtle shift in my focus, propelling me towards the integration of spirituality and mysticism into my artistic expression. I became impassioned about expanding consciousness through the visual creations I brought to life.

Since then, I have been emersed in a deeply transformative personal journey, nurturing my innate healing abilities and exploring the depths of my being.

Today, I proudly stand as a self-employed artist with over 15+ years of experience. My passion lies in supporting others on their holistic business evolution, through the creative transformation of their businesses through oracle design, book design, and illustration.

If you would like to read more details about my journey and where I am today, visit my blog post here.


Are you ready to sprinkle the magic of your soul purpose into your brand?

Let’s dive headfirst into a world of creative transformation!