You are just awesome.

No seriously. Think about all that you do. You’re a business owner with a mission.

A passion. And a desire to spark positive change in the world.

I’m Jennifer Ann, quirky-yet-professional graphic and website designer. I’m a Gulf Coast Native turned Northerner, who’s obsessed with yoga, natural health, puppies, interior decorating and admittedly, gettin’ cozy with Netflix on the regular.

I specialize in creating soulful online presences for entrepreneurs like you, so you can rest assured your brand is represented in the best way – and you can get back to doing whatever beautiful thing you do best.

And because I know your time is precious (you’re doing big, miraculous things after all), I’ve made it my mission to make my design process seamless, simple and totally stress-free.

Positively painless.

(No joke, I’ve had clients tell me they cried big fat happy tears after working with me because it was that. darn. easy..)

Who I love to help the most:


  • WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS (From healers, nutritionists, holistic health coaches, to yoga teachers)
  • WRITERS (copywriters, VA’s, other online creative professionals)
  • ARTIST + VISIONARIES  + TRAILBLAZERS (independent thinkers)
  • Ready-to-roll (your copy and content is finished)
  • Happy to let me take the reigns and trust me to create a branding that represents YOU!


My Background, Street Cred + How I Became a Design Junkie 


I’ve had many creative pursuits in my life, but honestly, design has always been my true love. It’s something that comes naturally to me, intuitively, and I love doing.

But how did I get here? Well, truth be told I’ve been at helm of some form of creative business for most of my adult life  (Okay, there was that one time I took a foray into massage school (I do love wellness!) but after finishing, I realized it wasn’t my thing.)

Since then, I’ve been a professional painter (seriously), an art director for a lifestyle magazine and a portrait photographer before exploring freelance design with my successful Creative Market shop and finally, launching Coral Antler Creative in 2014. I now run 2 websites - Coral Antler Creative, and my blog Coral Collection.

Today, I’ve been at the creative game for over 9 years  – and I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge of all things art, design and photography when creating lovely branding, websites and eBooks for my clients.


Ready to kick off our adventure?

Connect with me, see whats inspiring me,

and what I’m currently working on.

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