You are just awesome.

No seriously. Think about all that you do. You’re a business owner with a mission.

A passion. And a desire to spark positive change in the world.

I’m Jennifer Ann, quirky-yet-professional graphic and website designer. I’m a Gulf Coast Native turned Northerner, who’s obsessed with yoga, natural health, puppies, interior decorating and admittedly, gettin’ cozy with Netflix on the regular.

I specialize in creating soulful online presences for entrepreneurs like you, so you can rest assured your brand is represented in the best way – and you can get back to doing whatever beautiful thing you do best.

And because I know your time is precious (you’re doing big, miraculous things after all), I’ve made it my mission to make my design process seamless, simple and totally stress-free.

Positively painless.

(No joke, I’ve had clients tell me they cried big fat happy tears after working with me because it was that. darn. easy..)

Who I love to help the most:


  • WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS (From healers, nutritionists, holistic health coaches, to yoga teachers)
  • WRITERS (copywriters, VA’s, other online creative professionals)
  • ARTIST + VISIONARIES  + TRAILBLAZERS (independent thinkers)
  • Ready-to-roll (your copy and content is finished)
  • Happy to let me take the reigns and trust me to create a branding that represents YOU!


My Background, Street Cred + How I Became a Design Junkie 


I’ve had many creative pursuits in my life, but honestly, design has always been my true love. It’s something that comes naturally to me, intuitively, and I love doing.

But how did I get here? Well, truth be told I’ve been at helm of some form of creative business for most of my adult life  (Okay, there was that one time I took a foray into massage school (I do love wellness!) but after finishing, I realized it wasn’t my thing.)

Since then, I’ve been a professional painter (seriously), an art director for a lifestyle magazine and a portrait photographer before exploring freelance design with my successful Creative Market shop and finally, launching Coral Antler Creative in 2014. I now run Antler Creative, and my premade boutique.

Today, I’ve been at the creative game for over 9 years  – and I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge of all things art, design and photography when creating lovely branding, websites and eBooks for my clients.


In my non-designing time, you can find me:

  • in nature with my dog Sage
  • doing yoga
  • meditating
  • gardening
  • making my own herbal products
  • crafting or painting
  • learning something new


I’m currently working on my reiki 1+2 certifications.

I’m a scorpio sun, aquarius rising, and sagittarius moon.

I love all things spiritual and awakening to the soul!


“All that I need is within me.”

Ready to kick off our adventure?

Connect with me, see whats inspiring me,

and what I’m currently working on.

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