Refill your inner well, Heal from within.

Balance your energy, reduce stress and support the

overall well being of your sacred mind, body, and soul with energy healing.

Reiki is love,

Love is wholeness,

Wholeness is balance,

Balance is well being,

Well being is freedom from disease.

– Dr. Mikao Usui

Hi, I’m Jennifer Ann.

I am a seer and energy alchemist supporting the ascension process through healing the consciousness of humanity.

I currently practice energy medicine, intuitive channeling, ancestral healing and sacred ritual.

My intention is always to bring healing to each of my clients for their own highest good and greatest purpose. I utilize a variety of healing techniques I have developed over time through intuition and divine guidance to provide the most profound yet gentle healing. 

After my walk-in soul experience in 2018, I spent all of 2019 in deep solitude to learn, grow, and remember my own natural healing gifts and I’m so grateful to be able to now offer my assistance in your healing journey.


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Reiki is a helpful energetic tool to move stagnant lower vibrational energy out of your body so you can move into a space of positivity and deep inner healing, not only for yourself but the collective. When we heal a part of ourselves, we also heal that part in humanity, our bloodline, and our past lives. When you choose to heal yourself, you are choosing to heal our planet.

We are all interconnected energetic beings, constantly vibrating at the sub-atomic level. When you have a balanced energy field you are on your way to expressing optimal health and happiness. Things in your life will begin to magically shift into alignment and your dreams and desires become obtainable!

How is your energy field?

What are the primary emotions you feel day to day?  

What’s blocking you from living your best life?

All of my healing sessions are done remotely. Virtual Reiki, or distance reiki, works just as effectively as it does in-person. I want everyone around the world to experience the healing energies that reside here. Because we are not in the same room together, interfering lower vibrational energies are not present or clouding the space for healing. I have more space and time to tap into the sacred vortexes here and the energy has more space to integrate with you where you are.

Do you work long hours with a schedule that doesn’t accommodate hours to go to an in-person appointment?

Do you live in a place where there aren’t reiki practitioners?

Or do you want to experience healing in the comfort of your own home?

I’m here to help!

Each healing session you will get:

  • High frequency healing of what is needed at that time
  • Balancing and activating of chakras
  • Intuitive oracle card pull
  • An image of the crystal grid I set up during your session
  • Cord cutting of all negative energies
  • Clearing, Grounding, Energetic Protection
  • Intuitive visual messages from your session
  • 2 PDF manuals for preparing for your session and other important information for your continued healing process

Are you ready to start your healing journey?

Raise your Vibration

with these healing tools

Reiki infused and sacred vortex waterfall cleansed

crystals, candles, smudge bundles, & bath salts.

Coming Soon!


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