The deeper meaning and branding behind Lavender Raven Healing:

I thought it would be nice to go through how I came up with my branding for my second business, Lavender Raven Healing. I’ve always really loved coming up with business names over the years and this one is deeply meaningful to me.

  • Lavender because it’s my favorite smell but also because I bring calm and peace to people through reiki.

In color therapy lavender energy is used to purge the auric field of negative or dysfunctional energy patterns and it’s a color that often comes up intuitively in my sessions.

  • Raven because the raven symbolizes a seer, Scorpio, and brings magic, healing, reflection, renewal, and rebirth which is what I want for my clients. 

Also, funny story, I thought crows are/were following me around for the last two years but when I talked to a friend about it, it turns out they are ravens! I was wondering why the crows were so large, lol.

Also I’m a ravenclaw. 🤓⚡

  • I’m using the powerful eye of Horus symbol (in a minimal representation) my walk-in guides showed me in meditation. It represents the seer, knowledge, enlightenment, and insight, particularly into spiritual and esoteric matters. I also have a strong connection to Egypt and Osiris is one of my guides. (go figure Scorpio 🦂)

  • Mushrooms because they are such powerful healers in so many ways. The wave in my logo represents the gills of the mushroom.

  • I’m using magenta in my branding scheme because the energy association of magenta is an emotional equilibrator and promotes healing, growth (emotional/spiritual), harmony, inner tranquility, and adaptability.

  • Green because it’s associated with Arch Angel Raphel, the angel of healing. And of course nature and the natural world.

  • Purple because it represents peace, mystery, and magic.

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