I currently practice energy medicine, intuitive channeling,

ancestral healing and sacred ritual.

After my walk-in soul experience in 2018, I spent all of 2019 in deep solitude to learn, grow, and remember my own natural healing gifts and I’m so grateful to be able to now offer my assistance in your healing journey.

If you are curious, the “walk-in” experience is a form of soul exchange or soul transference whereby one soul leaves or “walks out” of the body, and another prearranged soul “walks into” that body with all of its memories intact. Walk-ins are usually starseeds who have a specific mission to accomplish to help the earth to ascend. 

My soul then called me to the ancient magical land of the Appalachian mountains to start my new life and further expand my own consciousness and work with nature, elementals, and my ancestors. The forests surrounding me are filled with sacred waterfalls, the energy of ley lines, vortexes, and crystalline energy. This is one of the most concentrated numbers of vortices and power points anywhere in this country. I’m so grateful to be called to live in this sacred portal and awaken the remembrance of my new soul purpose.

I feel deeply connected to nature, water, sound vibrations, crystals, moss and mushrooms. I am able to see and interact with aliens, light beings, elementals, ancestors, and my guides during meditation and my client sessions.

Clairvoyance is my most

prominent gift;

However I am also clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient.


  • Asheville North Carolina is home.
  • I live and breathe a natural non-traditional lifestyle.
  • I went to massage school for college many many years ago.
  • I’m highly intuitive and have an uncanny ability to read people.
  • I’m really good at noticing patterns in literally everything.
  • I’m an INFJ in Myer Briggs.
  • Being in nature is my bliss state.
  • Lover of Qigong.
  • I love gardening and putting my hands in mama earth.

If you’re into astrology, you can peer into my personality through my birth chart placements:


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Finding the right healer for you can be confusing. It may be hard for you to feel comfortable opening your energetic field with a complete stranger. I get it. 

I believe you did not come to me by accident. Nothing is a coincidence. You came to me because you were guided to. Because there is an energetic resonance in your body that said, THIS is the healer you have been asking for. Deep within your heart you know the answer.

I have committed my life to our individual growth and transformation as a collective.

It would be my deepest honor to support you on your journey.

Just for today,

I will not anger.

I will not worry.

I will be grateful.

I will do my work honestly.

I will be kind to every living being.

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