A Collaboration Between Coral Antler and Wonderland Publishing


You’re an intuitive guide, healer, coach, spiritual teacher or entrepreneur who has been dreaming of creating + publishing their own oracle or affirmation card deck (perhaps for a loooooong time already), and you’re finally ready to make it a reality!

You have a BIG vision for your next level in your business and are ready to expand your impact by sharing your message through a beautiful, professionally designed and edited product that has the potential to reach thousands across the globe.

You’re ready to receive the support you need to not just get your deck designed and produced, but you’re also excited to become a (self-)published author and birth a high-quality physical product you can share with your in-person clients, online audience, and distribute to retail stores worldwide.

Perhaps you’ve tried to get your project started on your own, but you’re super busy running and growing your business as is, graphic design and editing isn’t exactly your strength, and figuring out all the details of creating, printing and publishing your deck feels rather overwhelming. You’re ready to receive the full package of support and guidance you need to turn your idea into a finished physical product you can finally hold in your hands and share with the world!


If this sounds like you, we’d love to support you with our all-in-one done-for-you creative + publishing services!


To begin, we’ll schedule a complimentary visioning call in which we’ll discuss your idea in detail and find out how we can best support you with our services. We’ll then create a fully customized package for you, based on your unique vision and needs, and will contact you with a quote for your project.

To give you an idea, here’s what working together can include:

  • Artwork + complete graphic design for 44-52 cards, packaging, booklet cover + interior book pages, created with love by Coral Antler.
  • Professionally edited manuscript and content for all components of your deck. Editing, proofreading + copywriting support by Wonderland Publishing.
  • Support with your printing + production process. We’ll help you find the ideal printer for your deck and can manage the entire process for you if desired.
  • Your deck published by Wonderland Publishing or under your own ISBN. We’ll guide you through the publishing process step by step and can offer hands-on support if needed.
  • Support to set up a fully customized system for warehousing, automated order fulfillment, and wholesale distribution. We can help you set up your Amazon listing, get your deck into retail stores, and more.
  • Support with your launch and business strategy. Implementation by you and your team, or we can provide full done-for-you launch support packages if desired.

* Printing starts at around $5.50–$6.00 USD/deck based on a minimum order quantity of 500 decks, excl. shipping. Additional fees may apply for storage, order fulfillment, distribution, and other services provided by third parties.

** Artwork licensing fees (if not included in your package): $35 USD per image for 500 printed copies of your deck, $50 USD per image for 1,000 prints, $100 USD per image for unlimited prints of your deck.


  • Product photography.
  • E-commerce setup on your website or an external platform such as Amazon.
  • Additional marketing materials for your launch.
  • Additional products featuring the artwork shown on your cards (e.g. journals, merchandise).


Ready to get started?


Jennifer Ann

Jennifer specializes in mystical artistry for spiritual entrepreneurs to help them embody their essence and express their soul gifts through sacred branding, collage art, and oracle design. She is also a seer and infuses her art with healing activations while focusing on being a channel of inspiration through the expression of the divine feminine. She is a Generator 2/4 in Human Design. She currently resides in the ancient Appalachian mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with her dog, Sage.


To learn more about Jennifer + her work, visit: coralantler.com

Anna Frolik

Anna is an intuitive guide, inspirational author, and the founder of Wonderland Publishing. With her creative and publishing services, she supports spiritual business owners, teachers, healers, and intuitives on their journey of making their dream of their own oracle card deck a reality. She currently lives on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where she loves to explore the outdoors, capture magical waterfalls and mossy forests in her photography, and play with elves, fairies, and other members of the elemental realms.


To learn more about Anna + her work, visit: wonderlandpublishing.net