Branding support with personalized, one-on-one intuitive guidance

I consult with service and product based entrepreneurs, brick and mortar shops, and holistic professionals – healers, wellness professionals, soul seekers, light workers, shamans, makers, and all conscious sisters embodying their authentic truth.

Move forward with clarity, confidence and alignment.

We each have unique purposes we are called to fulfill.

Do you know what yours is and how to communicate it to the right audience?

If you feel deeply passionate about your work and have crafted it with intention but you still are hearing crickets, it might be time to change the way your brand is being felt and where you are focusing your energy.

Aligning your values with your styling, photography, colors, social communications and tone of voice is highly impactful to attract your soulmate clients.

Discover how to create the *right* impact for your unique expression.

Is your brand creating the impact you desire?

Chances are if you are reading this, the answer is no.

Are you ready for a brand that is SO intentionally designed and aligned that your offers literally sell themselves?

I will take a look at your current brand and give you insight into what may be going on and how we can shift your business into alignment with your mission.

In addition to helping you with your brand strategy, I incorporate spiritual guidance (i.e. breathwork, somatic therapy and heart-based living practices) in the container of our video calls to achieve a holistic approach to improvement.

After all, your brand is a reflection of you. As your energy shifts, so will your brand. Evolving and growing together.

Not only do I have a decade of experience in the branding and design field, but I’m also a reiki practitioner.

If you would like to add-on a reiki session, I will assist in helping you let go of limiting beliefs that could be keeping you stuck and align your energy with the new direction.

Shifts that may happen for you:

  • Feeling inspired to move forward and take action
  • Feeling so clear, as if the light that was at the end of the tunnel is now right in front of you with endless possibilities on the horizon
  • Gain confidence within yourself and your ability to succeed with anything you are passionate about

You will:

  • Get an outside unbiased perspective on the message you are emitting so you can become conscious of the blockages that may have been keeping you stuck
  • Let go of overwhelm by breaking things down into small achievable steps to shift your brand
  • Learn some new self help techniques to gently guide you through releasing the tough emotions that inevitably arise as you go through this process of transformation


  • Let’s get deep. I’m here to listen.
    • 1 hour face-to-face zoom video calls to review your current situation in your business to identify where you are verses where you want to be
    • Includes my detailed guidance on branding and website design improvements (and/or store layout for brick and mortar shops)
    • Brainstorming new ideas for your success and any intuitive creative advice I can offer you
    • You will receive the confidential recorded call to revisit whenever you like!
  • Customized homework to help you reflect and prioritize your next steps
  • Feedback via email on your progress and any questions that may arise throughout a 3-day time frame



Ready to get started?

If you decide you’d rather have a professional overhaul your brand and/or website if that is what’s needed, you can check out my design services here.

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