The work you do is beautiful – your design should be, too.

What would change for you if your passion-based business had the pretty, polished online presence it deserves?

Would you feel more confident to put your business and brand out there?

Would you have more time to do what you do best – the reason you launched this business to begin with?

Would you finally be able to sleep at night?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say yes to all of the above.

A well-designed website, an eye-catching e-book, branding that radiates beauty – you know that every bit of your business communicates who you are, what you stand for and the value of your products/services to your customers-to-be.

You also know that if they don’t like what they see, a customer-to-be can easily become a customer-who-never-was.


Good, professional design is essential to getting the right customers to know, like and trust you.

But what’s a girl to do when she can’t do it herself?



Listen, I get it. You’re normally cool as a cucumber, but when it comes to design, no meditation or mantra seems to ease the freakout.

You’ve tried to DIY your website/ebook/branding - and failed (you can never get your stuff to look the way you want it to look and you’ve scratched your head going, “I know this is ugly but I don’t know how to fix it!”)

You’ve hired the “cheap” designer – and felt let down (maybe more than once)

And you’ve honestly got no clue what to do next.

Lady: Design isn’t your sweet spot – and it’s time to stop stressing over it!

We all have different skills, and that’s okay. Smart entrepreneurs delegate. If you want professional-and-pretty marketing material that matches your brand, I can make it happen.


Please Note: Currently, my average wait time is 1 month. Logos/print pieces take about 2 weeks to complete and websites take about 4-6 weeks to complete once the paperwork & payment have been received. Thanks!

Whether you want an awesome-looking opt-in or a rad-to-read 100+ page eBook, I can whip up a design that transforms your words into a polished final product that’s easy on the eyes and easy to read.


  • eBook/eCourse Design
  • Branded eBook in PDF format
  • eBook Cover in Ipad and/or computer graphic
  • Up to 3 stock images
  • 2 supporting graphics for promoting on social media
  • My time, expertise, and talent

Investment starts at $500 (for 10 pages)

Print book prices start at $1,850. Sales page design starts at $1,199.

(Payment Plans Available)

Ready to get started? TAKE THE QUESTIONNAIRE

Is your brand all over the place? Cobbled together? DIY’ed? Pull your business together with branding that’s spanking new and cohesive, too. Give your biz brainchild the beautiful brand it deserves.



  • Custom Logo - Includes 3 mockups and 1 revisions on your favorite (Final design comes in eps, jpg, and png format color and black & white)
  • Mood Board - visual inspiration for your brand
  • Style Guide – Includes your final logo, custom color and font scheme (for reference to keep your brand consistent)
  • 1 branded graphic of your choice for social media
  • My time, expertise, and talent

Investment $850

A La Carte Custom logo - $500

(Payment Plans Available)

Ready to get started? TAKE THE QUESTIONNAIRE



A designer who listens, cares and collaborates.

I pride myself on sharp listening skills and keen ability (a.k.a. intuition) to give you what you want and interject with my professional opinion as needed. My goal is to make working with me not only seamless and simple, but fun and collaborative, too!

My undivided attention.

I only work with a few select client at a time so you not only get the very best of me, but also, faster turnaround times. (Just so you’re aware, I respond to emails only twice a day Monday through Friday. I’m out of the office on Saturday and Sundays and do not usually even look at my computer. That’s my “me” day. Girl’s gotta look after herself, too!

An enjoyable and pain-free experience from start to finish.

If you are curious about who I play especially well with, click here!


  • I (lovingly) request you fill out my client questionnaire to let me know more about you + your needs.
  • We have a quick chat via email or phone to work out the details
  • You receive a quote, contract and deposit invoice (which must all be taken care of before work begins)
  • We get the party started!
  • I peruse your Pinterest Idea Board (if you don’t already have one, I’ll ask you to create one) and we solidify a general concept based on your vision and my professional expertise
  • I get to work (read: I enjoy several matcha + caffeine-fueled afternoons immersed in your project)
  • You receive mockups along the way to ensure we’re heading in the right direction
  • I ship off your first draft design (you’ll receive a link for a website, or files via email for all other projects).
  • You request any changes and tweaks you’d like made (if any)
  • I (re)work my magic so everything’s just right
  • You pay your final invoice – and I ship off your final files and/or launch your site. Voila!
  • Within a week you will receive a style guide and exit package with full 45 minute tutorial video to help you make slight tweaks to your site yourself and show you exactly what you need to do to keep your site tip top on the back end (if you’re chest is getting tight just thinking about this, no worries, I also provide maintenance packages)



My availability varies, so please shoot me an email to find out about my next open spot.


Most larger projects take between 1-8 weeks. Smaller graphics usually take between 7-14 days. And of course, this all depends on email response times from each individual client. 🙂


You’ll get to check out all your mockups via files sent right to your email. Final project files are either delivered via email or Dropbox, depending on their size.


I accept and process all my payments through PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. I’m happy to offer payment plans. Please contact me to discuss the best option for you.


I am a designer and not a developer. What this means is I set up and design all of your site for you with your theme and plugins. I do some coding but if you are wanting something very specific that needs to be custom coded, I will hire a developer to do that part of your project and bill you in the final invoice for their work. This can be anywhere from $150-4k so it is very important for you to state upfront if you have any special requests so that I can let you know if we will need to hire a developer throughout your project.


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