I’m so glad you have chosen me to be your designer!

Here you will find all the basic information for our project together.




Please upload all files and images in Dropbox and share the folder with me to keep everything organized.

For the accounts, passwords, links, and additional info please create a Google Doc and share with my email

First things first, these are the things I will need from you to create your Brand:

  • Your website name and tagline you want to use for your logo

  • Your current logo files if you have any in all formats you have access to

  • Stock images you would like to use (or what type of stock images you want to use and I will gather these) Make sure you have purchased them or are using royalty free images. Stealing is a no-no. 🙂 These can be added to your pinterest board if you’d like

  • If you need help finding some I’ve curated a free and premium stock image pinterest board to help you out. You can find them here:

  • Your pinterest board link (if you don’t have a pinterest board with your ideas please create one with patterns, colors, graphics, fonts, other sites you like, layouts, etc..basically anything you feel drawn towards for your new design. Please include what you like about each pin in the description) Please don’t add anything more to the board (unless I ask) after the start date we have set, as I will already have started on the design process based off what you have pinned. 🙂

I’ve curated some brand archetype boards to help you channel your vibe.

Here are the choices:


Moving forward, you should take note that I do not work Saturday and Sunday.


I check and respond to email twice daily Monday through Friday. If you email me on the weekends I will respond the following Monday. I need this personal time to step away from the computer and recharge so I can give your project my best creative work. 🙂

I’m fairly ‘strict’ about disconnecting often to refill my creative well and refuel my spirit.


I will only contact you as I need things or have questions regarding your project. Please know that I am creatively working away, even if you don’t hear from me every day. This will depend on your project deadline and how quickly things need to come together.


  • I (lovingly) request you fill out my client questionnaire to let me know more about you + your needs.
  • We have a quick chat via email or phone to work out the details
  • You receive a quote, contract and deposit invoice (which must all be taken care of before work begins)
  • We get the party started!
  • I peruse your Pinterest Idea Board (if you don’t already have one, I’ll ask you to create one) and we solidify a general concept based on your vision and my professional expertise
  • I get to work (read: I enjoy several matcha + caffeine-fueled afternoons immersed in your project)
  • You receive mockups along the way to ensure we’re heading in the right direction
  • I ship off your first draft design (you’ll receive a link for a website, or files via email for all other projects).
  • You request any changes and tweaks you’d like made (if any)
  • I (re)work my magic so everything’s just right
  • You pay your final invoice – and I ship off your final files and/or launch your site. Voila!
  • Within a week you will receive a style guide, all editable files and graphics if requested, and an exit package with full 45 minute tutorial video to help you make slight tweaks to your site yourself and show you exactly what you need to do to keep your site tip top on the back end (if you’re chest is getting tight just thinking about this, no worries, I also provide maintenance packages)



My availability varies, so please shoot me an email to find out about my next open spot.


Most larger projects take between 1-8 weeks. Smaller graphics usually take between 7-14 days. And of course, this all depends on email response times from each individual client and when I receive the info or files I have requested from the client. If I don’t receive what I need for the project in a timely manner this will push back any deadlines that have been set.


You’ll get to check out all your mockups via files sent right to your email. Final project files are either delivered via email or Dropbox, depending on their size.


I accept and process all my payments through PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.


I am a designer and not a developer. What this means is I set up and design all of your site for you with your theme and plugins. I do some coding but if you are wanting something very specific that needs to be custom coded, I will hire a developer to do that part of your project and bill you in the final invoice for their work. This can be anywhere from $150-4k so it is very important for you to state upfront if you have any special requests so that I can let you know if we will need to hire a developer throughout your project.


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