I’m so glad you’re here.


I’m Jennifer Ann: designer, artist, and photographer.

I create sacred online presences for soul seekers, lightworkers, magic makers, healers, wild hearts, soulpreneurs, priestesses, yogis & meditators who want to profit from their passions.


Because in my world, I know great design isn’t just a “nice touch” – it’s essential to creating a brand people know, like and trust.



Great design allows you to show up and shine online – without an ounce of website shame.

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So if you’re ready to ditch the website shame from your mediocre online presence, feel more confident putting yourself and your creations out there and transform the way customers view your brand forever, I’m your girl.


Scope out my services here and let’s make pretty things together, shall we?




“Wow Jennifer. I’m completely blown away. This is the most beautiful website I’ve ever seen. I’m in awe!!

Thank you so much for all of your work. The colors and pictures and all of the little touches and overall design - you’ve done  an outstanding job. It’s stunning. Seriously….”

Christa Baird

Your Day Dream Life

“Jennifer is AMAZING. She turned my blah site into a work of art that I’m in love with and send people to now without any shame or embarrassment. She literally read my mind and soul for what I wanted on a website…”

Hilda Bryan

Life Unapologetically