I’m Jennifer Ann: intuitive design alchemist.

I specialize in creating sacred online presences for soul seekers, lightworkers, gypsy souls, healers, soulpreneurs, wild hearts, priestesses, yogis & meditators where their passions can flourish.

I know soul-aligned branding isn’t just a “nice touch” – it’s essential to creating a brand people know, like and trust.


In our holistic community, it’s a reflection of your authentic self.



Having a strong visual presence in your business allows you to show up, shine online, and effortlessly attract your dream clients at first sight.

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So if you’re ready to ditch your mediocre online presence,

feel more confident putting yourself and your soul-baring gifts out there,

and transform the way customers view your brand forever,

I’m your lady.


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“OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’m gonna go turn myself into a little computer goblin and live in my website because IT IS SO GORGEOUS!! I have no idea how you got into my brain and pulled that out of it, but that is freaking perfect. Everything looks so great!!! Eeekkk I love it so much, it’s so much more magical and gorgeous than I dreamed it could be, thank you!! :)”

Sara McCorrmick

Bella deLuna